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If you are sure that the unit is correctly configured, you are ready for your first flight.


  1. Turn on the transmitter and connect the battery to the model.
  2. Wait for the initialization, until the control elements will signalize the event.
  3. Tilt the model, ensure the control elements are compensating in the correct direction on all axes. In other words, movement to a certain direction will result in movement of the control element (it's end) in the same direction.
  4. Check that input from the transmitter sticks is moving with the control elements in a proper directions.

Warning.png If you encounter a problem or something appears wrong at this point, do not try to take off!


  1. Set the Global Gain (Gyro Gain) to value of 40% for the first flight. This will set the Head Lock mode at a moderate activity for all 3-axes.
  2. Spool up the motor to a desired speed.
  3. Take off as you are used to.
  4. In any time, you can switch the Global Gain to 0% which will deactivate the Gyro operation if needed.

Info.png You can perform the first flight without gyro enabled by setting the Global Gain to 0%. For this mode we recommend to perform a trim flight as described in the General section/Trim flight.