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Properly mounting of Spirit plays an important role for the correct operation of your model.

Find a suitable location where vibrations are as low as possible - this is usually the same location that is used for your receiver.

It is VERY important that the unit will be mounted so that the unit is exactly perpendicular to each rotational axis. Depending on your preference and available space it can be mounted in eight different positions:

  • Horizontal (0°)
  • Horizontal (180°)
  • Horizontal (0° + inverted)
  • Horizontal (180° + inverted)
  • Vertical (0° - left side)
  • Vertical (180° - left side)
  • Vertical (0° - right side)
  • Vertical (180° - right side)

In case the unit is positioned so that connectors are facing forwards, select 180°, please. If the unit is mounted upside down, select inverted option.

Mounting examples

In the following photo the unit is mounted by double-sided adhesive tape to the frame of model.


Example 1: Position is Horizontal (0°)


Example 2: Position is Vertical (0° - left side)

In order to better insulate against any vibrations from the model, it is necessary to choose the right double-sided mounting tape. The tape should limit any transmission of vibrations from the model to the Spirit which may produce undesirable flight characteristics. Vibrations may also be caused by damaged bearings, bent shafts and other mechanical issues.

We recommend to use supplied double sided tape.