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Problem description Solution
Aileron, elevator or rudder drifts after initialization Check trims and subtrims. Sticks in neutral position must be 0%, see the Diagnostics tab. Increase Stick deadband in the Advanced tab.
Aileron, elevator, rudder is not precise Increase the Sensor gain and/or increase the gyro gain in the transmitter. Add exponential in the transmitter.
Model is oscillating in aileron, elevator or rudder Decrease Sensor gain for the affected axis in the Sensor tab gradually by 5 until this disappears. Check if the mechanics is smooth.
Model rotation is too slow/fast Increase/decrease Dual Rate for rudder in your transmitter. Or increase/decrease Feed forward value in the Advanced tab.
Servos jitter randomly without external influences Check the cable connection between the receiver and the unit.
Aggressive stick movement leads to a bouncing Decrease Feed forward in the Advanced tab or decrease Sensor gain for the affeced axis in the Sensor tab.
Stick input response is delayed or steering is disconnected Increase Feed forward in the Advanced tab.
Initialization finished notification was changed Flight log from the previous flight was saved. View the log in the Diagnostic tab and fix reported problem.
Control elements are jumping in a cycle when initialization is finished The unit was started with the Rescue mode engaged. Turn off the rescue from your transmitter.