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R/C models are not toys! It is necessary to check all the manufacturer instructions of the model, comply with local laws and to perform pre-flight inspections of the model to address all possible mechanical concerns, electrical concerns and failures immediately.

Propellers rotate at high speed and can lead to serious injury to persons and property if not respected.

If you encounter any problems, contact your dealer or other experienced modelers.

Pay particular attention to your own safety and the safety of others. Never fly amongst or over people, animals, or on private property without prior authorization from the property owner. Fly only in safe places where no additional damage is possible to other objects, because the model can suddenly become unmanageable for various reasons, such as failure of electronics, mechanical failure, pilot error or radio interference.

Do not try to fly damaged models or perform repairs using damaged parts; always replace damaged parts with new ones. Never fly a model which exhibits excess vibrations, this may cause unwanted flight characteristics or in-flight failures. Find the source of the vibrations and fix the problem.

Warning.png Spirit is not an autopilot, it is necessary to have knowledge of flying R/C models. The system is only designed to improve flight performance. We recommend using R/C simulators designed for training before the first flight.
The user takes full responsibility for any damage or injury caused while flying an R/C model equipped with one of our devices. The manufacturer can neither guarantee nor control the conditions in which the unit is being used.